We invest in properties in Port-au-Prince to rebuild and develop into successful businesses. We are passionate about uplifting local economies and empowering local neighborhoods.



“Give a man a fish, he eats for a day– teach him how to fish and he eats for life.”

We are passionate about the life-changing and empowering effects that good, steady employment has on families and communities.  And we are committed to furthering the economic development of Port-au-Prince.  Working with local leaders, we scour under-served neighborhoods for opportunities to invest in property that we purchase, redevelop and turn into businesses run by locals.  By investing in the properties, we ensure that all revenue from the businesses is poured directly back into the community, and job security for the locals.

We started in the rubble post earthquake.  IMG_5782.JPG

These mounds are everywhere.  They are unsightly and unsanitary as people use them as garbage dumps and often to relieve themselves.IMG_5783.JPG


what we’ve done so far:

We are helping to rebuild structures.IMG_5798.JPG

This will ultimately become a small micro-business selling donated clothing inventory.IMG_5800.JPG

we’ve built showers like this one so folks can have privacy when bathing.IMG_5774.JPG

rebuilding fallen wallsIMG_5763.JPG

Putting people to work improving their own lives.  This will ultimately become an outhouse.IMG_5776.JPG

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